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Technical & Financial Assistance

Blair County Conservation District is committed to assisting landowners with both Technical and Financial Assistance. In fact, over the last 25 years over 2 million dollars has been secured by the District to install Best Management Practices on Blair County farms. In order for a farmer to receive assistance, we require that the interested individual become a District Cooperator. Secondly, we request that the individual fill out and submit a Landowner Request Form.

The District administers two Financial Assistance Programs directly: the Chesapeake Bay Financial Assistance Program and Project Grass. The District also utilizes grant sources as they are available; including, but not limited to PennVest, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Growing Greener, and Blair County Trout Unlimited funds. Partners are the key to maximizing resources. We have successful working relationships for farm BMP implementation with USDA-NRCS, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Blair County Trout Unlimited.

A more recent financial assistance program via State Tax Relief is the REAP Program. As part of a complete REAP application, the District completes the verification that the applicant has the required Manure Management Plans and Conservation Plans.

A comprehensive and individualized plan is often created for the landowner to address short term and long term needs and wishes. Most recently, Technical and Financial Assistance has been provided for projects including: rotational grazing systems, Nutrient Management Planning, Designs, Manure Storage systems, Roof Runoff Systems and Waterways & Diversions.

Due to the grant system requirements and timing, financial assistance usually takes at least a year to receive. If you are interested in financial assistance, start working with the District early to have the best chance at receiving cost share funds.

Have Questions?

Please contact the Agricultural Conservation Specialist if you have any questions about Technical and Financial Assistance for Farmers.