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The Blair County Conservation District is delegated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to administer the Chapter 102, erosion and sediment pollution control (E&S), and Chapter 92, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) programs.  The purpose of these programs is to minimize the potential for accelerated erosion and sedimentation from earth disturbance activities and to manage post construction stormwater.

As a Level II delegated district we have the responsibilities of public information, complaint handling and assessment and E&S plan reviews and approvals; as well as E&S Control Permit review and issuance.  Regarding NPDES, we receive, process, and review all NPDES permit applications and permit renewals for projects within Blair County.  Any construction activity equal to or greater than 1 acre disturbed will require a permit.  The watershed in which a project is located will determine the type of NPDES permit required – Individual or General.  Individual permits are required in High Quality and Exceptional Value Watersheds and are submitted to the District and forwarded to DEP, Southcentral Regional Office for issuance. It is also important to note that activities in High Quality and Exceptional Value Watersheds have requirements related to Riparian Buffers.   All other watersheds will require a General Permit, which is both reviewed and issued from the Blair County Conservation District. 
Earth Disturbance Activities under our authority fall into four major categories:

Have Questions?

Please contact the Resource Conservation Specialist with any questions concerning Chapter 102, erosion and sediment control, and/or Chapter 92, NPDES permitting.