Information for Home Owners

The protection, preservation and enhancement of Blair County’s natural resources can take on many forms.  The Blair County Conservation District has a long history of providing planning, technical and facilitating financial resources to accomplish the watershed goals of many.  Whether a homeowner looking to build a rain barrel or a cooperating agency looking for partners to complete watershed wide construction projects – the District is here to help!  After all, we all live in a watershed.

As a homeowner, the district can offer valuable assistance related to erosion control, stormwater,  and streamside practices that you can do on your own property.  We often get questions and complaints related to Timber Harvesting on private property.  If you intend to engage in a timber harvest, contact the district to get information related to the Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Measures that may be required to protect your property. To learn more about permits that may affect your activities as a private landowner see our Homeowners Guide to Environmental Regulations.

As a partner and/or cooperating agency, the District serves as the local contact for projects and practices.  We have put together funding packages, initiated design of treatment and restoration projects, served as the contract administrator for projects and much more.

Watershed planning and assessment is often the first step in a restoration effort.  The Blair County Conservation District has completed numerous Watershed Restoration Plans.  Once a plan is in place, funding and projects often follow….by the District or by others!

An exciting aspect of individual and partner involvement is with our Volunteer Stream Monitoring Network Project.  Presently conducted primarily by senior citizens, the District and our volunteers are monitoring 14 streams across the county.  A team of nearly 20 volunteers, some with as much as 10 years of service, are taking monthly water samples and completing regularly scheduled aquatic inventories to aid the district in recording baseline stream quality information for our watersheds.


Want to Know More?

If you are interested in learning more about any of our homeowner, watershed or water sampling programs, contact our Watershed Specialist, or call us at 696-0877 ext. 5.