Agriculture Technical & Financial Assistance

Technical & Financial Assistance

Blair County Conservation District is committed to assisting landowners with both Technical and Financial Assistance.    We have experienced staff that can provide technical assistance for planning and implementing Best Management Practices (BMP’s) on your farm.  We also partner with a multitude of agencies and organizations to provide additional assistance as available.  The first step for a landowner/operator to receive assistance is the completion and acceptance as a District Cooperator

What Do You Get

A comprehensive and individualized plan is created for the landowner to address short term and long term needs and wishes. Most recently, Technical and Financial Assistance has been provided for projects including: Rotational Grazing Systems, Nutrient Management Planning, Manure Storage Systems, Roof Runoff Systems and Waterways & Diversions.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available through a variety of sources and agencies that partner with the District. These programs can help to pay a portion of the implementation cost for BMP’s. Some programs may also provide professional services such as plan writing, engineering and design and permit application. Due to grant system requirements and timing, financial assistance usually takes at least a year to receive. If you are interested in financial assistance, start working with the District early to have the best chance at receiving cost share funds.

REAP Program

The Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Program allows farmers and businesses to earn tax credits in exchange for “Best Management Practices” (BMPs) on agricultural operations that will enhance farm production and protect natural resources. The program is administered by the State Conservation Commission and the tax credits are awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Eligible applicants may receive between 50% and 90% of out of pocket project costs as state tax credits.

As part of the completed REAP application, the applicant must verify that they have current Manure Management Plans and Agricultural Erosion and Sedimentation Plans.  The District can review your plans and provide the verifications for applicants for a $100 fee (Fee subject to change per District Policy).