Meadows, Woodlands, and Wetlands Field Trip

The Blair County Conservation District has received funds from Grace to provide bussing to the Meadows, Woodlands, and Wetlands Field Trip at the Grace in Tyrone, PA. The program will consist of a series of hands-on learning stations targeted for Grades 5-6 and will address PA Academic Standards in Environment and Ecology. Stations will be taught by Conservation District and Grace staff. In addition to bussing, Grace will provide pizza for lunch for field trip attendees.

Each field trip will consist of one bus of no more than 60 students per day. A school with more than 60 students in one grade may schedule more than one field trip (on separate days). The entire trip, including lunch, lasts around three and a half hours. Start and end times are dependent on your school’s schedule and proximity to Grace Tyrone.

For questions or more information email, or call the Blair County Conservation District Office, 696-0877 x5 to discuss scheduling, lesson plans, pre-trip learning, bus reimbursement, etc.