Improving Local Waters through Plan Development

Pennsylvania is working together to restore and protect waterways within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  Participating PA Counties are charged with reducing nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in local streams and rivers statewide by 2025. 

Blair County is in the process of developing a Countywide Action Plan (CAP) to enact programs to support the protection of natural resources, improve farm sustainability, protect community water supplies, and address stormwater concerns across our county. Our plan will seek to connect practitioners, landowners, and experts with funding to implement projects that support water quality benefits. Blair County has been tasked with reducing a total of 585,000 pounds of Nitrogen. The County has already achieved the Phosphorus reduction target.  Our CAP will build upon the excellent efforts implemented across the county in addition to identifying new opportunities as well as challenges. 

The Blair County CAP focuses on addressing proper reporting of conservation and nutrient plans and cropland acres, implementation of streamside buffers, stream restorations in rural and urban settings, stormwater BMP’s (Best Management Practices), and much more.  Over 50 local community members were involved with the plan development, providing a local perspective.   This plan generates opportunities to partner with local governments, farmers, water authorities, and private industries to promote long term sustainability and healthy waters.  Blair County’s CAP provides manageable approaches to achieving reduction targets by 2025.

For information on Blair County’s Priority Initiatives please view the Blair Countywide Action Plan Flyer. If you are interested in becoming involved or have questions regarding the benefits of clean water please contact the Conservation District to learn more.