Spotlight on the DGLV Road Program

The DG&LVR program continues to address sediment pollution from undermanaged roads and drainage facilities on Dirt & Gravel Roads and paved Low Volume Roads (less than 500 vehicles per day). Conservation Districts administer the program and are locally led by a Quality Assurance Board (QAB) in each County. Local People solving Local Issues!

Funding for the program remained strong, Blair County received $182,607 for administration and projects in 2020. Program funds must be committed and spent within two years of allocation to maximize funds; thus it is important that both the municipalities and the District have a strong commitment to the projects that are chosen.

2020 saw the completion of several long awaited projects in Blair County. Paw Paw Road in Freedom Township was first considered in 2017. An undersized and clogged stream crossing was attributing to frequent flooding and road closures. The Blair QAB has a policy to fund stream crossing projects if the existing opening is equal to or less than 13 square feet (equal to a 48 inch round pipe). The Paw Paw Road project fit the criteria and permitting for a 9 by 3.25 foot arched structure along with raising the road profile was initiated.

Additional cross pipes were added upslope of the crossing to control road side drainage. Construction on Paw Paw Road was completed in June of 2020.

Hemlock Lane in Catharine Township, was little more than a woods trail when first considered in 2016. This road was improved in two phases with multiple cross pipes and drainage work competed in 2018, followed by paver placement of Driving Surface Aggregate in 2020.
Any Blair County municipality that has received training in the Environmental Sensitive Maintenance (ESM) of Roads within the last 5 years is eligible for funding. To date, Blair County has funded 61 sites for $1,593,000. We encourage all to become trained and get involved!

For more information, a funding application or to find an in-person or virtual training session near you contact Chelsey Ergler or Stephen Dumm at 696-0877 ext. 5. Or visit the Center website at